Future History (or Using Yesterday to Prepare for Tomorrow)


Recently I had a chance to observe a self-described III% group tap dance on its collective dingus over the past few days. This group was immediately taken to task over their buffoonery by a well-known entity with-in the community.

The afore mentioned group, in their feeble attempt, pointed to their YouTube videos of their “training” and actions in order to try to legitimize their conduct and ultimately their very existence.

In their lame attempt at recovery, they threw down the gauntlet and called everyone who called them to task, “key board patriots” who never train or contribute.

This got us thinking here at the Jolly Landsknecht. Many folks are quietly training as a “pre-enactment” group (a term coined by JC Dodge) for a world where certain skills MIGHT be necessary to preserve our selves and families.  For those who don’t think this is possible need to look no further than Venezuela and the recent issues in Ukraine.  Things can go from normal to a shit sandwich pretty quick although there are always indicators, but I digress.

As a “pre-enactment” mental exercise, what would our TEOTWAWKI environment look like? Find something similar in history and benchmark it for your training philosophy and edification.

For the sake of this discussion: The Republic of Poopstainia (RPS) has devolved into an economic quagmire with hyper-inflation, moral decadence, disrespect on the world stage, a sense of low national morale (anyone remember the Weimar Republic) and a reign of lawlessness exists in the major cities and much of the countryside. An evil, charismatic leader emerges and promises to bring back national honor, safety, stability and return RPS back to its previous glory.


Of course a few eggs must be broken to make an omelet, therefore many civil rights are suppressed, the citizenship is disarmed and round ups of “deplorables” has begun by the new national gendarme. This is present day…

This is the model we will use, let’s call it the Poopstainia paradigm.

How would your LOCAL group train for this future and has this type of organization existed before that we can bench mark?


Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the British Auxiliaries of WW2.


From Wikipedia:

“The Auxiliary Units or GHQ Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret units created by the United Kingdom government during the Second World War, with the aim using irregular warfare to help combat any invasion of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany, which the Germans codenamed Operation Sea Lion. With the advantage of having witnessed the rapid fall of several continental nations, the United Kingdom was the only country during the war that was able to create a multi-layered guerrilla and resistance movement in anticipation of an invasion. The Auxiliary Units would fight as uniformed guerrillas during the military campaign, but were not themselves a resistance organisation.”

Keep in mind, these select men trained in secret, did not discuss their exploits and very quietly went about their daily business with no one the wiser.

Over the next few posts we will look at some of the various aspects of this unique organization, their training, selection and how they kept the whole concept safe from prying eyes.

‘Till then…



The Center Cannot Hold…


In light of the previous post where we mentioned Russia parking 40,000 troops just outside Ukraine’s border, this nugget comes across the desk of the Jolly Landsknecht staff:

CLAIM: U.S. Moving Nuclear Weapons From Turkey To Romania

There are some concerns about the security of these weapons, B61s, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.  Is this the Pentagon’s attempt to kill two birds with one stone and thus poke the eye of the Russian Bear once more?  Romania already hosts  radar and SM-3 missile interceptors at the Deveselu Air base.

It is worth noting that Russia opposed this Aegis Ashore deployment.

Russia’s Chairman of the Duma’s defence committee, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, said,  “This is a direct threat to us, they are moving to the firing line. This is not just 100; it’s 200, 300, 1,000 percent aimed against us. This is not about Iran, but about Russia with its nuclear capabilities,”


Deveselu is rumored to be the final destination of the weapons from Turkey.

Lest we forget the conniption fit Putin had when the US was attempting get Poland’s agreement to building the European Interceptor Site within the Polish homeland.


This could be a DoD feint, via a manufactured leak, to the media to trick Russia into removing its forces from the Ukrainian frontier.

You decide…





Connect the Dots…

serb trump

‘Vote for Trump’ Serbian ultra-nationalists chant as Biden visits

The Serbian Radical Party (SRP) lists as one of its aims is closer Serbian / Russian ties.  The SRP has close ties with the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR).  Some of the many goals of the LDPR is “a revival of Russia as a great power” and re-establishment of Russia’s “natural borders” which include the nations of Belarus, Ukraine and the former Soviet Republics.  While not being overtly allied with Vladimir Putin, they have many of the same ideas.

VP Joe Biden was is Serbia this week and he is met by a well organized pro-Trump rally organized by, you guessed it, the SRP.  The rally was complete with snazzy Trump tee shirts and English language signs.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Russia quietly amasses 40,000 troops on the Ukrainian border…

Russian Military Forces Staging  Near Ukraine Border

Russia Concentrating its Forces at the Border Base in Valuyki



Sad Day


Just got this from Sipsey Street just now:

“Mike Vanderboegh, husband, father of three, and founder of the III% movement passed peacefully in his beloved Alabama home today.

A formal statement from the family will be forthcoming.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

We would like to ask that if you were touched by Mike Vanderboegh or the movement that he so dearly loved, please change your Facebook pic to the Nyberg Flag” above.