The Jolly Landsknecht is back!

Due to several serious health issues, the JL himself had to go to ground to address, but he is back and feisty as ever!

Thank you very much for your patience.

Now to business:

Brother Matt Bracken has released his new book “The Red Cliffs of Zerhourn” and it is a pip!

First a little history.

In 1631 the Irish village of Baltimore was attacked by a band of Barbary pirates specifically from Ottoman Algeria and the Republic of Salé slavers. Jan Janszoon van Haarlem, the notorious Dutch Barbary pirate, led a force to attack this small Irish costal village. A local fisherman by the name of John Hackett led the force of slavers to the town after being captured himself by Janszoon.  In exchange for this skullduggery he was promised his freedom.

On the night of the 20th of June, the group of blackguards crept into the village and kidnapped somewhere around 200 of the English speaking townsfolk.

All but three of these villagers lived the rest of their lives as slaves in North Africa, never again to set foot on the green ground of the Emerald Isle.

barbary slaves

As for Hackett, his freedom was short lived. When his treachery was discovered, he was hung off a high cliff and left to die.

Fast forward to the near future.

A global collapse of the world economy has left many nations, including Ireland, unable to field an effective coastal guard. This allowed modern day North African slavers the opportunity to raid an exclusive girl’s school in Ireland and make off with serval hundred potential sex slaves.

Parents of the girls hire an aging former SAS officer and an IRA man to bring their daughters home and to make the pirates pay in blood.

Dan Kilmer, the hero from the book “Castigo Kay”, is caught up in the operation.

Brother Bracken was kind enough to let me see some of the novel before it was released and I found myself reading late into the night. It is that good.

I will not give any more of the book away.

But, if you want a candid glimpse into the near future taking into account the fragility of our global economy and the rise of Muslim fanaticism in Europe and North Africa this is a book for you. It is a tale of flawed men of action, each honorable in his own way, in a savage time grasping at one last chance of redemption.  All the while, hundreds of young lives hang in the balance.

Between you and me, we need more men like that…