Riddle me this:

What it Steve Bannon on orders of the POTUS is fanning the flames of the extreme left. The UC Berkeley riot of a few nights ago is an example. The violent elements of the left acts in their predictable manner with arson, property damage and serious assaults. This is permitted for a few months and as these rioters feel more emboldened more damage is done and we see a few deaths and very serious injuries. The public opinion shifts with help from the alt.right PSYOPS wizards and the POTUS issues a E.O. declaring these groups domestic terrorists, we are already hearing rumbles of this being done with the Muslim Brotherhood. Then imagine Nacht und Nebel and the Hammer of Thor combined and released on the ring leaders who have already been identified and targeted through HUMINT, COMINT, ELINT and all the other esoteric arts. Next a RICO case is brought and the arrests start climbing up the food chain as the money trail is followed. Look at the whole exercise through the lens of  “Strategy of Tension” as we discussed here.  It is how I would do it, but what do I know…

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