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In November we saw the political status quo up set in a seismic way with the election of Donald Trump.  His ascendency to the highest office in the land and the de facto leader of the free world sent shock waves across the globe as world governments and leaders tried to rapidly adjust to the impending shift to the geo-political paradigm.

Some say this was a true black swan event but those of us that are a bit long in the tooth remember the shift in the social and governmental fault lines when another much maligned “cowboy” was elected, Ronald Reagan.

There is one major difference though which is the massive use of propaganda is, PSYOPS and Information Operations on a large segment of our population that is ill prepared to recognize or resist it.

Using the clever manipulation of easily influenced groups to further your political gains is nothing new.  The IRA used this method to mold public opinion, the Italian intelligence services used this during the Cold War (more later) and wide spread use was seen during the Vietnam era.

During the Cold war NATO established stay behind organizations that would operate behind enemy lines if the Warsaw Pact was ever able to penetrate west and overtake several NATO nations on the eastern frontier.  Their mission was sabotage, assassinations and intelligence gathering.

The Italian Intelligence services created Operation Gladio under the auspices of this legitimate NATO program.  The communist Red Brigades terrorist group was very active in Italy at this time.  We saw assassinations, bombings and other general mayhem conducted by this group.


When the Cold War eventually ended it was discovered that some of the attacks attributed to the Red Brigades were actually conducted by the Servizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Militare or Military Intelligence and Security Service (SISMI).  The Gladio folks at the SISMI had developed an idea called the “Strategy of Tension” The idea was to use false flag attacks to keep the Italian people on edge and manufacture a culture of anxiety and thus create an environment in which the Italian people were easy to manipulate and manage the negative perception against the communists and maintain the political status quo.


So, what does this have to do with us today?

On the 26th of December we saw close to a dozen riots at shopping malls across the nation.  An old adage from the “Moscow Rules’ states, Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action

Keeping this idea in mind, it is easy to surmise that the likelihood of spontaneous riots at the same type of targets, at the same time in different geographical areas is somewhat low.  It has the same chance of a spontaneous riot at a US diplomatic post because of a YouTube video.


We also see false narratives generated after many police involved shootings and have seen many false flag incidents created that appeared to be committed by Trump supporters but were later revealed to be quite the opposite.

One has to ask, are these events related, what is the goal and who is doing the manipulation?

The progressive movement is absolutely apoplectic with the election of Donald Trump.  They are pulling old but successful plays out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky.  See his rules for radicals here.

It is obvious that the progressive puppet masters are manipulating such groups at BLM, 99%, Occupy Wall Street and others.  These groups are the instruments of a modern “Strategy of Tension” here in the USA.

Project Veritas has obtained video of terrorist acts being planned on January 20th in the NCR to disrupt the inauguration of Mr. Trump.

An Assessment for the Future:

– We will see unprecedented attempts of violence in the NCR on the 20th.

– We will see civil unrest likewise on the 20th in many large urban areas.  This unrest most likely will agitated along racial lines by agent provocateurs.  Expect to see highway blockages, assaults and possibly arson.

– As the soap box (debate), the ballot box (the vote) lose any possibility of affecting progressive change, we will see the cartridge box (violence) emerge as the preferred course of action.  To this ends expect to see various groups motivated by false flag incidents or propaganda to maintain a strategy on tension for the next four years.

What can I do?

– Review your personal protective measures and that of your family.  Remember, your protection is your responsibility.  There will be no QRF to bail you out.

– Stay informed, know your AO and if you live in an urban area have an idea of how to get out if things go south.

– Spread the truth whenever possible

We predict the next four years will be rather sporty, prepare and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Good luck and God’s speed.