In light of the previous post where we mentioned Russia parking 40,000 troops just outside Ukraine’s border, this nugget comes across the desk of the Jolly Landsknecht staff:

CLAIM: U.S. Moving Nuclear Weapons From Turkey To Romania

There are some concerns about the security of these weapons, B61s, at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.  Is this the Pentagon’s attempt to kill two birds with one stone and thus poke the eye of the Russian Bear once more?  Romania already hosts  radar and SM-3 missile interceptors at the Deveselu Air base.

It is worth noting that Russia opposed this Aegis Ashore deployment.

Russia’s Chairman of the Duma’s defence committee, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, said,  “This is a direct threat to us, they are moving to the firing line. This is not just 100; it’s 200, 300, 1,000 percent aimed against us. This is not about Iran, but about Russia with its nuclear capabilities,”


Deveselu is rumored to be the final destination of the weapons from Turkey.

Lest we forget the conniption fit Putin had when the US was attempting get Poland’s agreement to building the European Interceptor Site within the Polish homeland.


This could be a DoD feint, via a manufactured leak, to the media to trick Russia into removing its forces from the Ukrainian frontier.

You decide…