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‘Vote for Trump’ Serbian ultra-nationalists chant as Biden visits

The Serbian Radical Party (SRP) lists as one of its aims is closer Serbian / Russian ties.  The SRP has close ties with the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR).  Some of the many goals of the LDPR is “a revival of Russia as a great power” and re-establishment of Russia’s “natural borders” which include the nations of Belarus, Ukraine and the former Soviet Republics.  While not being overtly allied with Vladimir Putin, they have many of the same ideas.

VP Joe Biden was is Serbia this week and he is met by a well organized pro-Trump rally organized by, you guessed it, the SRP.  The rally was complete with snazzy Trump tee shirts and English language signs.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Russia quietly amasses 40,000 troops on the Ukrainian border…

Russian Military Forces Staging  Near Ukraine Border

Russia Concentrating its Forces at the Border Base in Valuyki