The Jolly Landsknecht has been running semi-autos ever since his dad bought him a Colt Mk IV Series 70 .45 ACP as a high school graduation gift in 1983.  Nevertheless, I do carry a Ruger LCR loader with Cor-Bon +P from time to time along with 2 speed loaders.

All this being the case, I saw a LOT of folks when I was in Afghanistan that had no business toting around a M9.  You could tell very quick that they had only received the most basic of familiarization, I wouldn’t even really call it training.  The most glaring example I saw was a female troop who had a LN made shoulder holster under her left armpit with the butt of the Beretta facing to the rear, God only knows haw she was supposed to skin that smoke wagon if the need arose?  In short these folk gave me the willies walking around the FOB.

It wasn’t their fault but that was reality.

In this excellent ARTICLE, Mr. Kupari makes a good argument for going back to a simple revolver for support folks in theater.  Read it!

Based on his criteria I kind of dig a Ruger LCR with a 4 inch barrel in 9mm.  Maybe the folks at Ruger are listening…