On 3 Feb 16 the Utah Statewide Information and Fusion Center (SIAC) issued a BOLO for “extremists” en route to the Finicum funeral.  The BOLO is in the form of a SIAC bulletin that states,

“…law enforcement should remain cognizant of the likelihood of the presence of domestic extremists travelling within their AOR. This may include both militia extremists and sovereign citizen extremists.” and

“The Utah SIAC is currently monitoring activities surrounding these events to assess any potential threat toward LE [Law Enforcement] or to the public safety of those in attendance. The SIAC is also in contact with fusion centers in surrounding states to facilitate information sharing regarding the upcoming events.”

Of special interest are the symbols they will be focusing on vehicles on the road this weekend.

This SIAC SITUATION REPORT (SITREP) Funeral for LaVoy Finicum could possibly cause some LEOs to be extra jumpy and possibly cause another tragedy like the LAPD shooting of the pick up belonging to two women delivering newspapers (see above).

The battle for hearts and minds continues, stay frosty folks…