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The 21st century has brought many changes to our country, culture and society. Much of the social bedrock that held our common culture together has been shattered or seriously eroded. Examples of these are the traditional nuclear family, job security, nationalism, the instruction of rhetoric and critical thought in our schools, sense of local community, respect for self, family and others, acceptance of different viewpoints (see critical thought above), and the American Dream.

This erosion has led to a fracturing of the tectonic plates of our common identity as “Americans”. The natural progression of this can take several forms; Authoritarianism, Fascism, Civil War, Balkanization, Anarchy and several others I have not thought of. See these several articles on these possibilities.

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Standing on the brink of America’s second Civil War

Where’s Obama when Mizzou turns into the Jacobins meet ‘Lord of the Flies’?

What will be the knowledge base necessary to survive these possibilities?

We at the Jolly Landsknecht feel that these can be broken down into several areas:

Low Intensity Conflict (LIC):
This skills model will be based on the IRA example of Michael Collins, the British Auxiliaries, No. 1 Demolition Squadron, PPA, LRDG, and Operation Gladio etc.

Dead drops, surveillance/counter-surveillance, caches, ciphers (OTPs, book codes, etc.) running sources, urban/rural E&E etc.

The INTs (COMINT, HUMINT, TECHINT, OSINT), the SECs (COMSEC, OPSEC, INFOSEC, PERSEC, PHYSEC), analysis, counterintelligence, reconnaissance, etc.

Written, radio (HF, UHF, VHF), visual, etc.

Small Unit Tactics (SUT), weapons, gear, MOUT, static defense, convoys etc.

CLS, first aid, hygiene, dental, first responder etc
Physical fitness.

General situational awareness both micro and macro.

These skills may be needed in a local scale, county, and regional like hurricane Katrina or national like Bosnia.

There several groups or movements that feel that several of all of these skills are needed and should be master, the Oath keepers and III% movement come to mind.

We will explore these and other concepts in the future.
I am glad you all are along for the journey!