lighthouse keeper

The lighthouse keeper left the warmth of his hearth and kin and ventured out into the small causeway between the house and the light. He stopped half way and peered into the red sky. The weather was unseasonably warm and the sea like glass.

All was calm and still.

He knew from his years on the coast tending some of the most remote likes that the Atlantic could hide her intents before striking a deadly blow. He smelt the air and observed the petrels circling above, a storm was indeed coming, a bad one. He hurried inside to warm his family…

A storm is indeed coming.   People I talk to day-to-day all have a palatable unease. Many cannot put their finger on it but nevertheless they feel a storm is brewing in this country. The more dialed in have been tracking the storm for a generation. You’ll hear phrases like “Overton Window”, Cloward–Piven, ethnocentrism, learned helplessness” and many others.

What will this storm look like, what are the indicators, what are the skill I will need and how will we survive are first and foremost on the minds of many citizens.

The Jolly Landsknecht is here to look at these issues and hopefully to get my fellow citizens engaged in the hard work to hopefully avoid the storm, be aware and enlightened or at worst case to weather the cyclone. I am not an expert on many of the topics we will be discussing, so polite and constructive input is not only encouraged, but necessary.

So, put on your slicker, grab your storm lantern and let’s step into the maelstrom…